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What You Should Know Before Choosing a Truck Coolant Using the right engine is crucial for the long life of your vehicle. However, the coolant you use for small vehicles may not necessarily be the best for trucks. The coolant requirements for trucks is different from that of small cars due to the heavier load they carry. To find the right truck coolant to buy, it is important to research well. You want to use the recommended coolant to prevent your engine from getting damaged. The Right Coolant for Your Truck There are various types of engine coolants or antifreeze you can buy for your truck. The most common ones are propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. Keep in mind that ethylene glycol is very toxic and should be handled with extreme care. It is critical to make sure that the coolant does not drain into the water table. Propylene glycol is more widely used since it is rated to be safer by the national authorities. The compound is used in all types of coolants including aircraft de-icing, toiletries and foods. However, just like is the case with ethylene glycol, the propylene glycol should not be allowed to drain into the water table.
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Generally, you should ensure that water and the engine coolant are mixed in the ratio of 50/50. On the absolute minimum, the water should form 40 percent of the mixture. Most car and truck owners think the main reason for using a coolant is to ensure the engine does not freeze. However, this is not the main function. The engine mixture ensure the freezing point stays low while the boiling point stays high. This is the most important function. The engine cylinder wall can rust, get corroded or cavities if you do not use the right coolant. These can kill your engine.
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Monitor the Freezing Point It is important to ensure that propylene glycol is in a higher concentration if you live in a cold climate region. The reason for this is due to the inefficiency of the compound in lowering the freezing point.This is because the compound is not efficient in lowering the freezing point. For people living in warm climate areas, keep in mind that propylene glycol transfer heat fast. If you will be hauling large loads over uneven terrains, this is the coolant you should use. Making the Right Mixture You should not use tap water to dilute concentrated engine coolant. The water can cause scaling of in the engine. Instead of faucet water, use distilled or de-ionized water to dilute the engine coolant. Majority of truck manufacturers recommend using pre-diluted coolant. You need to do your research well to find the right coolant for your truck. Following the above tips will ensure you end up with the right coolant.