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Effective DIY Motorbike Detailing Bike cleaning is going to be different depending on the breed of motorcyclist you’re talking to. As for some, it is only a quick rinse with a house for others, washing a bike is like washing cars, using a soap in bucket and quick ride to get the water off. Others however are laughing at the idea of cleaning bikes after all, it is washed every time when they go through rainstorm. If you’re the type of person who is so attentive to detail and want to be sure that you’re maintaining the pristine condition of your motorbike, here’s a quick motorbike detailing guide you may apply. Right before you get started, make it a point that your engine as well as exhaust is cool to touch. Giving the bike an initial rinse will be important in order to clear off accumulated bugs and road grime. Your basic wash may be done in a number of different ways. There are numerous people who make use of standard car wash liquid and sponge or even a dishwashing soap. This can work yes but using a sponge can possibly pick up loose particulates or dirt missed in initial rinse and can also cause some scratches as they’re pulled over the paintwork. Just before the final rinse, you should clean the wheels using wheel specific spray cleaner. You have to take note if the cleaner has warning about its use on powder coated, magnesium wheels or bare aluminum. You have to give a final rinse and make sure to dry it out. In the event that you have air compressor, you may make use of it to blow out water in hard to reach places. If you want to get into crannies and nooks to absorb water, rolled up microfiber towels work fine. Consider getting a chamois towel, thoroughly wet it, wring it out and pull water off the seat and panels. You’ll notice that the chamois gets dirty as you’re working your way around your motorbike.
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The next step you have to do is waxing. There is actually abundant of finishing creams and waxes available for bikes and cars. There are some products that tend to have thicker consistency and staying on longer even after multiday journeys in rain. When applying wax, you have to do it on direct sunlight and ideally between 60 to 80 degrees.
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Try looking for good applicator pad or a microfiber towel and use a small amount of wax. There are other theories when it comes to wax application but make continuous circles gently on the body work. Try avoiding to get any wax on matte finished materials, black plastic, wires, rubber or anything that’s not painted.